The RhinoGold 4.0 Beta has been published right now. Since Saturday, we publish more than 50 videos with the news of RhinoGold 4.0, and the feedbacks have been really good! Thank you!

To download the beta: http://www.rhinogold.com/download.htm

To watch the videos: http://myrhinogold.com/video

News List: http://www.rhinogold.com/news.htm

If you find a bug, please let us know in http://myrhinogold.com/page/report-a-bug


Does it affect to RhinoGold 3.0? No! :) RhinoGold 4.0 is like another software.


If you have any comment, please contact us, in the chat, forum, phone,..


Thanks and happy designing,


Rafael del Molino

TDM Solutions SL

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hmmm, trying to get to rhino4, this is what i could find:

Hi Rafael

How come there is only the link to the eval version of rhinogold 3.0 sr7?

Hi Paolo

I think your browser is not getting the new web. Please press the key F5 and let me know!


Just installed it.

This is AWESOME!! Cant belive how much better RG has come since 1.0 :D

And UI "inside rhino" is fantastic! Its so much better than 3.0.

And I love signet ring creator, it will save LOT of time.

Good job!



Rafael del Molino said:

I think your browser is not getting the new web. Please press the key F5 and let me know!



The download of RhinoGold 4.0, right now is it's the ENGLISH website. We're working to have in all languages in the next minutes! :) 

Sorry for the inconvenience! 


Please delete any cookies and/or history in your browser before clicking the link. This worked for me in firefox.

So I will need to upgrade to Rhinoceros 5 in order to use RhinoGold 4.0, correct?

Will the final version of RhinoGold 4 be a free upgrade or will there be an upgrade fee?


Yes, RhinoGold 4.0 will run on Rhino 5.0!

About upgrade pricing (I will officially inform it next week), it is:

RHINOGOLD: 990€ (includes update of Rhino 5.0 and RhinoGold 4.0)
RHINOGOLD for Rhino 5.0 users: 500€

Keep you posted next week! NOw, time to try it out! :)


Just a point or a couple of them! :)

RhinoGold 4.0 works on Rhino 5.0 and just in Rhino 5.0 because we used the newest API's of Rhino. And this API is not available for Rhino 4.0. 

Why we don't used the API's of Rhino 4.0? Get the beta and add 5000 stones. You will see is running like 50 in RhinoGold 3.0. Why? Because we are using 64bit and our multithreading technologies, and is not possible in Rhino 4.0 because is 32bit.

The second point is 500€ for update. Let me comment some details:

1. We are working in RhinoGold 4.0 for 3 years. You will see and you will feel how RhinoGold 4.0 works!

2. Since 2007, all the updates of RhinoGold were free. And we released 3-4 versions per year.

3. Clayoo is inside! Full version of Clayoo! (Clayoo cost 495€).

4. RhinoEmboss, Nesting, Support design, etc... 

I think is a very good price! If I have not convinced you, please visit: http://www.rhinogold.com/news.htm

If you have any comment, please let me know! :)


Rafael del Molino

TDM Solutions SL

just installed rhino 5 evaluation and rhino4 but when i try to run it i'm getting an error box for netframework error file not found ..... i'm using windows8 and netframework is instaled is this a windows8 issue ..... rhino5 evaluation runs ok if i launch that but it says rhinogold failed to load

May you send me an snapshot? In Windows 8 you don't need to install any .net framework.


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Hello RhinoGold 5.0!

On February 2nd, RhinoGold 5.0!

Check all the news on www.rhinogold.com/v5

Happy Designing!


RhinoGold 5.0

RhinoGold Webinar Series: The best way to get familiar with RhinoGold

Here it comes a new way to see the new version RhinoGold 5.0 in live, to see how to create specific jewellery models, to understand the workflow of RhinoGold 5.0, to get the most from RhinoGold, and from your…


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